Advantages of Keraline:

1 - Minimize the lining time in the construction phase.

2- The variety of using the KERALINE for any tanks.

3 - Maintaining the same internal diameter of the RC pipes and tunnels because of the small thickness of the KERALINE.

4 - The suitable size of the elements, which minimize the cost of handling, transportation, and installation.

5 - The use of the epoxy in the assembly in the factory minimizes the problems of the supervision of the work and the huge loads of the other similar materials like the blue bricks.

6 - Suitable for all shapes and size of the various sanitary networks.

7- Suitable for partial and total protection.

8 - Suitable for assembly in the inner shuttering of the reinforced concrete elements before boring the concrete.

9- The tee lock shapes in the backside of the elements maximize the bond between the elements and the concrete surface.

10 - The dimensions of the KERALINE elements sufficient for all the required standards.

11 - The Keraline is the most economical solution for the isolation presses of the concrete