Sweillem Vitrified Clay Pipes Company started producing clay pipes since year 1935. Since that time Sweillem has made their best effort in improving the clay pipes production in Egypt. At 1987, we have constructed a new factory using the German technology in producing clay pipes and using the English, German, and American expertise in this concept. Using this expertise and the Egyptian workmanship, Sweillem Vitrified Clay Pipes have become a landmark of the sewer lines in wastewater projects.

We adopt leading technologies to improve products' quality to comply with the various specifications and different standards in the international markets such as The Egyptian Standards (ES 56/2005), The Saudi Standards (SASO 236/1995), The European Standards (EN 295) The American Standards (ASTM - C700), and The British Standards (BS 65), in addition to our acquisition to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Closely following the markets' demand, deeply understanding the development trend of products, seizing the demands of customers and expanding market share of our company, we are striving to keep our extraordinary brand status.

Relying on complete R&D facilities and efficient technical team, we establish and devote increasing technical level of products. Now, we have become the appointed education and production base of the Egyptian market in the field of Clay pipes production as the leading producer in Africa. We have accumulated years of technique and experience in this field. After our everlasting research and improvement, our company has developed into an enterprise of world quality, with a yearly output of 60,000 tons of VCP, which are well-known around the whole world. Apart from meeting the home demands, our products have now reached countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece, Lebanon, Syria... etc.

Shortest delivery time is one of our main concerns, stocking warehouse facilities in different parts of the world to minimize lead times to serve Europe, Asia and Middle East countries efficiently. We dedicate to pursue a continuous improvement on the actual service life and performance-price ratio of our products.

Our constant will to meet your needs effectively, paying close attention to customers' request as well as the technology improvement and development direction of related; continuously develop new products with advanced technologies.

We insist in our Quality Policy: Quality with Consistency, Leader in our field.
It’s cheap , abundant, and readily available in most parts of the world. It is easily formed, assembled, and maintained. It has a proven record of corrosion resistance, longevity in service and reliability. Clay is the ‘’ original’’ material used in water and public health engineering works. The Egyptians used fired clay containers to convey and store water 5000 years ago .

Later, the Romans formed fired clay pipes to convey clean and dirty water. Clay pipe is non-combustible. The pipe is vitrified at temperatures above 1000° c effectively eliminating any combustible material. Clay is also extremely ‘’green’’ it is by far the most environmentallyfriendly material that can be used for transporting waste. Many of those re-discovered ancient pipes are found to be still be in good working condition, their corrosion resistance intact.

Other sewer systems, some built as recently as the 20th century, and made of other materials, such as asbestos-cement, and concrete, iron and plastics, have already deteriorated rapidly, allowing toxic material to seep into the ground. And finally, clay pipes are easily recyclable. Unlike plastic and other pipes, they can be easily re-used and refabricated to produce new material. That saves money.... and helps save the environment too.